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Cheyenne HAWK Tattoo Machine

WARNING: Beware Chinese Fakes Make sure you learn how to spot the difference so you don’t put your equipment or your clients at risk.
The Cheyenne HAWK tattoo machine is all about the freedom of artistic expression, a revolution for the art of tattooing.

The HAWK is designed to suit every movement and working situation perfectly. It offers low weight for easy handling and it’s small in size which allows for a better grip. It makes tattooing much easier for tattoo artists and provides more precision work than with any conventional machine in the market, with a smoother and professional feel that assists you in creating quality tattoos.

The Cheyenne HAWK means perfection and top-quality technology for perfect work – it makes accurate lines possible and is comfortable to hold, even during the longest sessions. Now you can create masterpieces with less strain while allowing you to work faster, more accurately, and on longer sessions with the Cheyenne HAWK! This tattooing machine is truly a work of art in itself by fusing a perfect balance of form and function.

The Extraordinary Advantages of the Cheyenne HAWK:

  • Smaller in size and constructed to produce lower vibration levels, providing greater precision and accuracy.
  • Super lightweight design, allowing for greater flexibility and less strain for tattoo artists.
  • Applicable for various skin-type surfaces and suitable for every field of work.
  • The output is designed to produce an extreme run, for a smoother work flow.
  • Provides a simple and easier adjustment of puncture depth, while also offering rapid cartridge changes.
  • Ergonomically designed with adjustments of the handle bar for a perfect fit.
  • Completely built with top-quality machinery and innovative technology, bringing you the best craftsmanship.
  • Provides convenience of advantages, allowing the use of conventional power supply.
  • Optionally, it is compatible to work with control unit PU II

The HAWK creates perfect preconditions for the artistic design for a picture-perfect outcome.

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